On most part of the days, the threats for jail time, public shaming and paying hefty fines are keeping people and civilization in order.

However, every once in a while, there’s that one clever individual who go against the tide and finds a loophole in the system.

These people bring buck load of questionable intentions among commoners. Just for instance, there’s this due who drive kids to school. That sounds normal right? Well it would not be if they’ve been driving a tank!

Everything a Parent can Do for Their Child

Bullying is just worst that any child will ever experience. So what better way to turn things around than arriving in school and being chauffeured in a tank! Even adults can get anyone’s respect here. While it is not an everyday sight, it’s something that you have to ask Nick Mead from Britain on how he made it possible.

How was it even Possible?

Now the next example is just bizarre and you probably won’t believe it! Apparently, giving away adopted children online is legal.

While we’re using internet for hosts of things such as shopping, entertainment and whatnot, you may think of the extent it is being used by people these days. Giving away adopted children is easy and it’s all happening over the internet! These days, adoption agencies lack of the resources and/or time to review every adoption. Terrible and incompetent parents do not have the time either to readopt using official channels. Thus, kids who have come to North America after given a promise of a better life are ending up on the internet for re-adoption.