Europe Beset by Covid-19 Outbreak

Countries across Europe are battling the coronavirus outbreak, as new cases increased the number of confirmed Covid-19 infections.


Italy is said to be the hardest hit, reporting a growing number that has reached more than a thousand; including five deaths that raised the country’s previous death toll. Confirmed cases were also reported by France, Germany and the UK, with the Czech Republic reporting its first case of Covid-19 infection.

In Paris, France, a number of sites and local events have been identified as having the potential to put people at risk of infection. The Louvre Museum, for one, shut down last Sunday (March 01, 2020), after about 300 of the museum’s staff voted in favor of a shut down. In line with the decision, the Louvre management assured ticket holders that they will be refunded.

Moreover, France like Switzerland, has banned mass gatherings, whilst telling French citizens to take all the necessary precautions; including not greeting each other with the customary “la bise” or a peck on both cheeks. As of this writing, the number of confirmed cases in France has reached a total of 100, a jump from the 38 reported last February 28 (Friday). Nine of which are said to be in critical condition.

More on the Coronavirus Outbreak Report from Italy

Italy’s confirmed cases of infections saw a rise of 40 percent in a matter of 24 hours, bringing the total number to 1,700, and the death count to 34. The country’s top health officials foresee that hospital systems will experience a “tsunami effect.”

At Milan’s Sacco Hospital, Massimo Galli, the director of Sacco’s Department of Infectious Disease said,

In the point of view of health system organizations, the virus spread has already reached an emergency level.

As it is, the levels of warning have been raised in Lombardy and Veneto provinces. New waves of infected individuals arrived at hospitals, altogether intubated in order to overcome the effects of the coronavirus disease.