Italy Shows Readiness in Holding Safe and Unique Events

Italy, once the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, but now nearly recovered, held a festival to show readiness of its event industry.  The bold move came after the gradual steps taken in May in reopening the country’s economy.

The Web Marketing Festival of the Search On Media Group, regarded as the biggest national innovation and marketing festival organizer, conducted three days of online training in hybrid form from June 04-06, 2020 at the Palacongressi in Rimini.

The WMF festival aptly centers on safety and innovation to present solid proof that Italy’s event industry is all set to resume business. After all, the government of Italy has given the Emilia-Romagna region, along with other parts of the country, has been given permission to allow the holding of traditional conferences, starting June 15, 2020.

Main Features of the WMF Event

The WMF In June was actually a regular event but held in an innovative format, where more than 200 attendees comprising speakers, artists, guests and staff participated in a unique setting
Trainings on themes like Artificial Intelligence, Content Marketing, Export, Digital Tourism, E-Commerce, International Markets, Onp and Philanthropy, Start-ups and SEO were carried out simultaneously in 30 vertical training rooms inside an online multiplex area.

Streaming links featured Italy’s important venues for culture and sport, along with social testimonials and musical entertainment.

At the Templo Room, a center stage for a live TV showmin hosting format that included a grand line-up of famous celebrities and personalities from the world of current affairs, journalism, sports, and members of national as well as European politics.

A first-of-its-kind Expo Online Area served as platform form for over 80 exhibitors and start-ups in the likes of ESA, Intel, Infinity, Nex and Shopify, just to mention a few. The online exhibition platform allowed exhibitors to connect to participants who attended the live meetings, which enabled consultations and appointment set-ups.

WMF Event a Major Feat for IEG

The holding of the WMF 3-day online trainings was also a huge success for the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), which owns the Palacongressi di Rimini venue. The IEG intends to maintain a permanent fully-equipped room, for clients who plan to hold their 2020 appointment in hybrid form.

IEG venues are among Europe’s stylish yet eco-friendly event spaces, highly appreciated for keeping their eco-compatibility, technology and digitalization at the highest standards and versatile as well.